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Omega Omega Form Submission 

The Pontiac Alumnae Chapter's Ritual and Ceremonies committee is pleased to provide an electronic Omega Omega Submission form. As a Rite of Passage, every soror is entitled to have this ceremony conducted on her behalf. The Omega Omega Service should be conducted by the chapter President in the area where the death occurred, or as specified in the Soror’s will, or by family request. Please complete this form below so PAC will have a record of your request.


Note: We have created a "draft" form to assist you with the completion of your electonic form. We strongly recommend printing this form and documenting your answers. Once you begin completing the electronic form, you will need to finish it in its entirety. You cannot save your data and complete at a later time. 






If you have any questions about the forms, please email the Ritual and Ceremonies committee at

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